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Satellite Information

Additional information regarding satellite provision at Kew Riverside

Satellite options
for apartments


Please note the following information regarding satellite provision at Kew Riverside.


  • The properties at Kew Riverside are pre-wired. Because of this, it is a slightly more specialist set up for satellite & telephone.
  • Sky satellite dishes were installed at build stage.
  • No personal additional satellite dishes are allowed, on houses or apartments.
  • Kew Riverside does not have cable TV or telephone.
  • Sky as a company do not work on pre-wired properties. Their special offers etc., only apply to full installations.
  • Aerial Concepts Ltd. are the recommended company to work on these properties ( or www. Tel: 020 8949 8899.

Kew Riverside Contact Information

Estate Office: Monday - Friday 8am-4pm
T: 0208 392 8800
F: 0208 878 0795
Development manager:

Concierge (24hrs): 0208 392 9404

FirstPort Customer services: 0333 321 4045
Email: Ryan Rudolph on

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