Telephone & Internet

Please note the following information regarding telephones and internet access at Kew Riverside.

  • The properties are Kew Riverside are pre-wired at build stage. Because of this, it is a slightly more specialist set up for satellite & telephone.
  • The BT intake point for houses is in the garage.
  • The BT intake point for apartments is above the top panel in the wardrobe of the master bedroom.
  • BT will not work unaccompanied in a furnished property, so please ensure you only agree to appointment times that you can attend.

Kew Riverside Contact Information

Estate Office: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
T: 0208 392 8800
F: 0208 878 0795
Development manager:

Concierge (24hrs): 0208 392 9404

FirstPort Customer services: 0333 321 4045

Our Location

Kew Riverside, Kew, Surrey
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